Samad Power

Most organisations fail to bring their scientific knowledge to bear in development. Take advantage of our know-how and highly-trained engineering team to gain a deep insight into the interdependencies between design approaches and the cost of the finished product. Through years of working on highly innovative energy, power and aerospace related projects, we have gained valuable experience encompassing a wide range of activities from the design, analysis and simulation to manufacturing and testing of complex components related to gas turbines and turbo-machinery including complete product design.
We have established our own development methodology, which enables us to suggest improvements, develop designs, supply components, and provide complete system solutions. Using our proven expertise and specialist tools, you can enhance your in-house capabilities in turbomachinery design, rotordynamic, thermodynamic, heat transfer, combustion, structural, prototyping, manufacturing, and control electronics.

Turbomachinery design

Relying on our empirical design knowledge built over decades of experience and highly-skilled engineering team, we are the right partner for your turbomachinery design. We will work closely with you to understand your application, specific requirements and constraints in order to fulfil your engineering needs. Samad Power is your complete resource from a 1D design and analysis to prototype parts and experimental testing. We can analyse your specifications and supply tailored solutions for turbomachines, including:

  • Axial flow turbines
  • Radial inflow turbines
  • Centrifugal compressors

The first important step is to identify your project requirements such as performance, target cost, and service life. Then, using our design know-how, in-house codes and industry leading tools from ANSYS Workbench, we will create a solution to meet your expectations.



  • Thermodynamic cycle analysis and design
  • Turbomachinery 1-D meanline design and analysis
  • 3D Aerodynamic, heat transfer and CHT analysis in detailed design phase
  • Structural analysis, Creep life estimation
  • Hot and cold clearance analysis
  • Secondary air system and axial thrust load calculation
  • Turbine cooling design and analysis
  • Turbine inner-stage cavity design and analysis
  • Compressor backplate labyrinth seal design and analysis

Combustor design

We originally established our own combustor development programme in order to build a customised solution for a micro gas turbine CHP system. Various arrangements of combustor tubes have been tested using natural gas and some outstanding results have been achieved. Combining ANSYS software with Samad Power’s engineering experience and know-how has gives us the capability to perform analysis and run simulations for any given combustor design – including Can/Annular, DLE, and multi fuel capability.


Designing high speed rotational parts requires perfect rotor-dynamic design to be able to run reliably at very high speeds. We can evaluate your rotational parts and designs and help you to improve your in-house capabilities in handling reliable, high-speed operations. Our dynamic balancing machine and specialist vibration sensor technology enables us to test and analyse rotational parts.

3D modelling and CAD

Design is an everyday task at Samad Power. Our engineering team will work closely with you to support you with any 3D design work and to produce standard manufacturing drawings so as to turn your ideas into models ready for manufacture.


Samad Power’s manufacturing inventory includes, 5-axis milling CNC, CNC lathe, Cylindrical grinding, Tools & dies and welding. Our experienced workshop engineers can program machining processes in our CAM software and plan the best route for the highest quality and rapid manufacturing of your parts. We have extensive experience of machining exotic materials and working to very tight tolerances. Turbomachinery prototyping is our natural field of expertise.

Test Facilities

Test facilities at Samad Power are well equipped with apparatus and equipment to undergo any tests for micro Gas turbines and heating products. High temperature thermocouples, accurate pressure sensors, vibration sensors and heat meter are part of the instrumentation available in our test facilities. These facilities in conjunction with our advanced programming capabilities using NI DAQ and Labview software provide an opportunity to supply end to end design, build and test services.

Educational Services

UK Government has recently introduced a new scheme to enhance the employability of young GCSE graduates by giving them the skills that industry needs. This is a new 2 year courses Called “T Levels” which is an alternative to A levels*. T Level includes but is not limited to:

Technical knowledge and practical skills, an industry placement of at least 45 days and common workplace skills as well as relevant maths, English and digital skills.

DfE has committed additional funding specifically for T Levels – rising to an extra £500 million per year.

Samad Power has exceptional experience which could potentially be used for educational purposes including:

  •  Providing short course or module material
  • Running short courses mainly covering interdisciplinary subject areas
  • Providing workshop facilities
  • Offering industry placement opportunity
  • Providing educational test rig

Samad Power also has the capability to cover more advanced subjects particularly inter-disciplinary areas such as:

  1. Combined heat and power generation
  2. Turbo machinery design, test and optimization
  3. Rotor dynamic design, test and data analysis
  4. Heat exchanger/recuperator design, test and optimization
  5. Measurement control strategy
  6. Electric motor and power electronics concepts design and test
  7. CE/BS marking especially gas fired device